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All proceeds to charity

The Windsor Quilters’ Guild has a long history of giving back to the community. As part of every quilt show, the guild organizes a raffle and the proceeds are given to a designated charity. Over the last 12 years, the guild has donated more than $52,000 to different charities in Windsor and Essex County.

For the 2019 Quilt Show, the raffle proceeds will be going to the guilds Comfort Quilt Program.                          What is Comfort Quilts?  In short, this is a program to warm bodies and hearts. Donated fabric from guild members is turned into quilts and quilted items which are donated to over 30 needy groups and institutions. In 2018 alone, the Comfort Quilt Program donated 188 quilts, 176 pillowcases and over 50 quilted placemats. In addition to quilts and pillowcases for Hospice and Ronald McDonald House, we also Donated preemie hats and baby hats, bassinette and incubator pads, blankets and mattress covers to the Pediatric Unit, NICU and Child Life Program.

We are also active in the Beads of Courage program, creating bags for children from infancy to age 18, who are receiving treatment for serious and often fatal illnesses. Each time a child undergoes a procedure they collect a glass bead which they store in the bags we make. To date we have donated 258 bags.

Although our members willingly donate much of the fabric and their time to these projects, such things as batting, backing, cording, etc. must be purchased to complete the projects. It is for this reason that the guild has voted to donate this years proceeds to support Comfort Quilts.

Comfort Quilt items will be showcased at the show May 3, 10 -6 and May 4, 10 – 4 at the WFCU Centre, 8787 McHugh Street, Windsor. We welcome your support. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the show.


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