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Are you a winner?

If you were at our May 2019 Quilt Show you would have received a door prize ticket upon entry. Each vendor at the show generously donated one of these prizes and as well, Mrs. Betty Ives, one of our long time standing guild members generously donated all of the non-quilting prizes. Here is a list of the lucky winners.

Hearts All’Round gift   –  Lisa Chauvin

Paderno Baking Dish   –   Grace Slongo

Pastime Pieces gift  –  Judy Dufour

Paderno Mug Set   –   Paulette Petrimoulx

Quilting Confections  –  Rose McClymont

Cotton Mill Threadworks  –  Natalie Abramovich

Cake Boss Set  –  Lorna Read

Ella Quilts  –  Pat Andrykew

Soft Impressions  –  Lisa Hillyard

Grantham Books –   Maggie Miall

Proctor Silex  Kettle  –  Aneesa Yaldako

D&R Vacuum  –  Loriann Quillam

The Sewing Shoppe  –  Elaine Barnicoat

Proctor Silex Kettle  –  Judy Rolfe

Rose Cottage Quilt Shoppe  –  Marie Marchand

H.Taylor Woodworking  –  Rachelle Wallace

Royal Quilts – Bonnie Kerr

Soft Impressions  –  Jennifer Cote

Mikasa Ice Bucket –  Denise Moes

Chef’s Ceramic Bakeware  –  Shoufel Torres

Stitch in Time  –  Barbara Ford

WINNER OF THE  SPOOLS GAME:                                                                                                 

Judith  Legault 

participation by donation to support the Comfort Quilt Program of  Windsor Quilters Guild


Thelma Richards                                                                                                                                                                           

City of Windsor License#M802017.  Sewing machine donated by The Quilting Studio Chatham –                                                                                                                                    392 Park Ave, Suite 100,  Chatham, ON. 519-360-8873







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