quilting friends

A Quilter is someone who…

saves ten boxes of scrap, has one corner of the house an eternal mess, when on vacation goes to the fabric shops in every town, loves flea markets, finds many bargains, is always looking for new ideas, spends sleepless nights thinking about colour combinations, has a teetering pile of quilting books and magazines in her room, is always picking up pins and bits of thread from the floor, has a callous on her index finger, is always looking for more quilt patterns, begs her friends for remnants, works for a year on a quilt and then gives it away, watches t.v. with a needle in her hand, is forever ironing (not clothes but quilts), is never bored, knows one hundred patterns by heart, can get it all together, and always finds time to help a friend.

Thanks to Rosalyn F. Manesse for this light hearted look at quilters.

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