quilting friends

Keeping Quilting Alive

This photo and article was submitted by Larraine Taylor. It is a lovely story of how one quilter helped keep quilting alive and well.

“I purchased a bag full of elongated hexagons from my Guild’s Sewing Room Sale in the Spring of 2016. When I pulled them out to look at them, I found your work. You had sewn pieces together and I could see where your eyes were failing you. Your stitches went from straight and even to not stating on the guide line and mixed length stitches. I did not take out your work, but sewed over them so the pieces have a strong seam. I made a template to your cut pieces so I could add in my fabrics to extend what you had done. This resulted in 2 quilt tops, one was a baby quilt given to a friend. I hand sewed the other pieces inot a queen sized quilt for me, and I hand quilted ovals in each hexagon. Although I will never know your name, the age of your fabric, the rusted pins and needles in the work told me that you had passed a while ago. I am thankful I received this gift from you and I will treasure this quilt as long as I live.

Hand sewn by: An unknown woman and Kiti Williams

Hand quilted by: Kiti Williams

Quilt completed on: 20 April, 2020

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