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Assertive Bill of Rights


to be responsible for my own life

to accept and respect myself and others

to feel happy, satisfied and to allow inner peace

to take good care of my whole being:my body, my mind and my spirit

to be imperfect

to be aware of and fulfill my own needs

to have dreams, goals and ideas – and to make them happen

to have and express all my emotions

to tell others how i want to be treated

to allow people to help me without feeling guilt, unworthy or dependent

to set my own priorities about my use of time, money, space and energy

to get what I pay for

to have a healthy, life-enhancing relationships, where clear communication is valued

to change, emerge, and expand in new directions

to have my own beliefs, ideas, and values without apology to anyone

to live in the present moment, free of guilt in the past and worry for the future to relax, to let go, and to do “nothing”

Written by: Madeline Ballard- Kennard (Mississauga, Ontario)

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