The name “September” comes from an old Roman word, “septem,” which actually means 7. That’s right – September was the seventh month of the year on the Roman calendar – It did not become the ninth month until the advent of the Gregorian calendar. 2. The Romans believed that September was looked after by the god of fire.Sept 9, 2020

The birthstone for September is the sapphire which is said to reduce inflammation, treat fever and act as a lucky charm for the person wearing it. It symbolizes intuition, clarity of thought, peacefulness, as well as loyalty and trust.

With its deep blue tones, this precious stone is said to represent the wisdom of the gods, purity, and trust. Sapphires were once worn to protect the wearer from both poisoning and other evils.

In the northern hemisphere, September 22nd is the fall equinox. This means that the day and night hours are roughly the same. From here on out the daylight hours will begin to get shorter.

Here’s one of the more interesting September facts: Not only is it the month with the most letters; its nine total letters also equal its position in the calendar, the ninth month of the year.

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