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Not Everything is Cancelled

As we head into yet another lock down it is important to try and remain positive and count our blessings instead of our sorrows. As quilters we are all creative and ambitious people. So count this time alone with your fabric and sewing machine as an opportunity to embrace your inner magnificent and happy self. Try some new techniques that challenge you, make a new themed runner for Spring, help someone save an older well-loved quilt by repairing some of the torn and ripped sections, call a quilt friend and share what you are doing.

Wrap yourself in your favourite quilt and snuggle up with your favourite book!

Easter Celebrations

Well here we are celebrating another covid-19 Easter celebration. How did you celebrate this year? Much like last year we did a garage distancing Easter bag exchange which included bubble blowing equipment, a sew together craft project,a Peter Rabbit book based on the movie, a skip-it, and oodles of Reeses, Lindor, and assorted other chocolates.

Hope you had a lovely Easter, stayed safe and didn’t eat too much chocolate.

Ode to a Quilter’s Husband

A “thank you” poem by C.T. Smith

This husband is a very special, patient guy, who doesn’t complain about how much fabric his wife may buy. Through the years he’s picked up a lot of quilting lore, because on this subject his wife can be quite a bore. He’s learned better than to throw away any old odd shaped scrap, because it’s likely that’s the one she’ll need to fill her design gap. He knows if he enters the quilting room his feet will get pins in, and he’s learned there’s not just red, but brick, rust, scarlet and crimson. He knows how she snorts when she sees an ordinary bedspread, cuz in her house there’s only personally designed quilts instead. He knows when she meets another quilter there’ll be fast and furious talkin’, and at a quilt show there’ll be lots of scribbling and gawkin’. He thinks of quilt-mania as a creative affliction, that can only be controlled by regular doses of stitchin’. He knows that she quilts for enjoyment, not for money, cuz she does quilts that are traditional, modern and some just plain funny! And through all the cutting, designing, sewing and quilting through the years, he’s always been interested, supportive, patient and very,very dear. Thanks honey!

When all this over

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