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Contact Us

Need some more information about the Windsor Quilters’ Guild and how to locate us, then email or call the members listed below. They will be happy to answer your questions and give you more information about the guild:

Vivian LaCroix – email: vivianlac@gmail.com or phone: 519-966-9110





Comments on: "Contact Us" (4)

  1. Sharron Gibbs said:

    I am looking to rent or borrow a sewing machine for a day or too to alter some clothes for my mother who is newly in Pali active care. I am visiting from Vancouver until July 9. Any help your members can offer would be appreciated

    • I have sent an email to our members. If anyone can help I will let you know.

    • Hi Sharron,
      Here is one of our members you can call. Good luck.
      I have an extra sewing machine that I bought to carry around. She is more than welcome to borrow it. You can give her my email or my cell number (519-551-0965).
      Betty Hyatt

    • HI Sharron,
      Here’s another offer of a machine. Hope it works out.
      Hi, I’m Nicole, I could lend you one of my sewing machines. It’s a pfaff.
      Phone number

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