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Community Work

Windsor Quilter’s Guild is not just a group of ladies and gentlemen who meet once a month to share quilting tips. One of the important parts of our group is giving back to the community. This includes our “comfort quilt” projects, our monthly “random acts of kindness” programs and our “quilt raffle” at our bi-annual Quilt Show.


We are very fortunate, in that many of our members donate fabric to be used in our comfort quilt projects. This committee cuts up the fabric and prepares kits that members can take home and assemble. The returned “tops” are then “sandwiched” with batting and backings and quilted. At present we are desperately looking for quilters to sandwich and quilt almost 200 tops so that we can distribute them to some of our groups who are in need. We are always looking for new groups to donate to but some of our past recipients include: the Windsor Rehab Centre, Maryvale Adolescent Centre, Hiatus House, Windsor Regional Children’s Centre, Ronald McDonald House, Hospice of Windsor, Summit Centre for Autism, Taylor Regional Rehabilitation Centre, Summit for Autism, Inland Protection of Refugees, Quilts of Valor Windsor/Essex, the Childen’s Aid Society, the Salvation Army, Up About Down, the Paramedics, and Family Respite Services. Through this program, our guild has also provided numerous incubator pads for Windsor Regional NICU and over 1000 quilts and 162 pillowcases to 12 different needy groups. If you know of any organization that could benefit from a comfort quilt, please contact us.

RAQK (Random Acts of Quilt Kindness):

One of our more recent community outreach programs features a different community group that needs assistance each month. Members bring in items to help support that group. To date, our donations of goods have assisted the following agencies: Windsor Youth Centre, Salvation Army of Essex, Hiatus House, Welcome Centre Shelter, Drouillard Place, Street Help for the Homeless, Goodfellows, The Humane Society, Mission Trio to Haiti, St. James Elementary School Breakfast Program,  and St. Theresa of Calcutta School Snack Program. We are always looking for worthy groups to provide assistance to, so if you have any suggestions please contact us.


In the past it has been our tradition as a guild to raffle off a quilt at our biennial Quilt Show. Names are submitted of worthy charities and that group receives a donation from the raffle ticket sales. Over the last 12 years we have donated raffle proceeds exceeding $52,000 to eleven different charities, including: Windsor Regional Children’s Centre, Windsor Regional MRI Fund, Breast Caner Research in Essex County, Windsor Regional Rehabilitation Centre, Hospice, Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities, Met Hospital Burn Unit, Maryvale Adolescent Program, Novelleto Rosati Complex, Heart Defects Society and Up about Down.

Rather than designating a specific charity for our donation as we did in previous years, the membership voted to spread the wealth by dividing the raffle proceeds over more charities. Our aim is to address varied needs across Windsor and Essex County.


Needs never stop and so giving has become more and more important. Those less fortuante than ourselves rely not only on monetary donations bu also on the donations of goods we provide

Most recently we added two projects serving the Pediatrics and NICU departments at Windsor Western Met Campus. These are Beads of Courage Bags and Butterfly Bags and Blankets. Last year we donated 209 bead bags to infants and young children suffering from severe and often fatal illnesses. Through the Butterfly project, we supply items to parents whose infant have passed away. These include blankets, cuddle pouches, and bags to hold bereavement items.

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